With decades of experience in the hospitality industry, across multiple brands, we know hotels, and we love sales! 
Invigorate Hospitality offers a new approach on remote hotel sales services.

Our team of hotel sales experts are available to cover interim or long-term needs for full service and select service hotel brands. As the hospitality industry evolves, so must sales. We are passionate about breaking the mold on remote sales services, and we can’t wait to show you how!

With customized plans, dedicated proactive selling hours, and a guaranteed ROI, we are certain you’ll see why Invigorate is different, while at a fraction of the cost of a full time Director of Sales.


Sales is our passion.
We strive for excellence and celebrate the big wins!
Our team is equipped to help you achieve your revenue goals, train and mentor sales teams, uncover opportunities, and book business for your hotel. We don’t overload our sales team with too many properties to sell for, and that is what has guided our success.

Every hotel is unique, and that is why we customize everything to suit your needs. We also offer pre-opening sales services, consulting, training, and on-boarding. If you’re looking for a change or are ready to amplify your sales strategy, let’s connect to see how we can positively impact your organization!



Invigorate Hospitality was founded in 2020 by Jennifer Daudi.
After gaining experience as an award-winning property Sales Leader, to a VP of Sales and Marketing, Jennifer decided it was time to try something new.
Having worked with other companies that offer consulting and remote sales services, she felt passionate about using her experience to create something different.

Times have changed in the hospitality industry, and it’s important to have someone on your team that understands.
Everyone on our team has worked on property and managed sales teams through various transitions. Through these experiences we have gained an unparalleled understanding of what works to gain business for your hotel, even in difficult times or markets.
Relationship building is paramount and that’s what sets us apart. We gain the customer’s trust to ensure your hotel is their first choice when traveling.
Our team has worked with multiple brands, and helped struggling hotels turn into award winning properties.
At Invigorate, we don’t think of ourselves as a third-party service.
We are an extension of your team, and work together to achieve success.


Our experience allows us to take a sales-centric approach, while working seamlessly with the operations team.
There are so many things to consider while preparing your hotel to open. From feasibility studies, to ground breaking, and experiencing the joy of opening a new hotel.
We are equipped to successfully complete pre-opening checklists and prospecting, but there is so much more.
Invigorate is ready to work with your entire team to create a successful opening.

When you partner with us you’ll enjoy a one-on-one experience as we work together to exceed your expectations.
And let’s not forget to have a little fun in the process!

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